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As a man of few words, Marshawn Lynch is known for talking with his actions. The star Raiders running back wore an anti-POTUS t-shirt at a recent game and Trump supporters are feeling some type of way.

While entering Mile High Stadium for a game versus the Denver Broncos, Lynch was spotted wearing an “Everybody vs. Trump” shirt. Naturally, Beastmode is now the target of Republicans, political pundits and racist trolls alike.

The wardrobe choice comes on the heels of the President referring to NFL players who have recently protested by taking a knee as a “son of a b****”. This drew stern responses from ballers in the league, team owners and athletes in other sports. Nevertheless caught Lynch caught shrapnel on social media with racial tones sprinkled throughout.

The criticism wasn’t all negative as the Oakland Raider star received a lot of inquiries about the shirt could be purchased.

Marshawn has yet to comment on the garment but we can’t confirm that any reporter had the courage to ask him about it either. You can cop the “Everybody vs. Trump” merchandise here.

More reactions on the flip.

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