The Juice is finally loose and already it seems like he’s gotten himself into a sticky situation.

TMZ is reporting that OJ Simpson held a secret autograph signing session in a Las Vegas hotel room on Tuesday night (Oct. 4) for a few hours. He signed some USC and Buffalo Bill helmets and word is he was holding another session the next night.

While every celebrity has the right to make bank off of their John Hancock, OJ Simpson still owes the Goldman and Brown families $100 million. Well, technically he originally owed $35 million but if you add 22 years worth of interest, you’re talking about Mayweather cash. Not McGregor paper.

That being said OJ can’t earn anything without it being taxed by the family until the debt is settled, and if he’s holding a secret autograph session then chances are he doesn’t want anyone notifying the families that he’s back on his grind.

Too late.

Now that this jig is up OJ could possibly be facing a parole violation and not because he’s avoiding paying the Goldman and Brown families, but for hiding his earnings from Uncle Sam. You know when it comes to paying taxes the US doesn’t play.

Unless you’re Donald Trump then you can play all you want. Orange moron.

Photo: Getty

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