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Waka Flocka Flame needs you to get his ethnicity correct. Apparently, the Atlanta rapper isn’t African-American or Black but actually Native. 

We’re not talking the run of the mill “I got Cherokee in my family jig, either. According to the “No Hands” rapper, he is 100% native by blood.

Our sisters over MadameNoire broke down Waka’s “enlightenment” during his appearance on Sway In The Morning:

“When it comes to talking about African Americans, I have no education with that. Period. I’m not even connected to that. That’s a system. That’s like connected to ‘Hey he’s a bad guy. Don’t hang with him.’ I’m not African American at all. My folks is not from Africa. A lot of people in this room’s folks not from Africa. Might be a couple. People just don’t understand. I ask my grandma, what’s your background? She like, ‘Red foot and Black toe Indian.’ Yeah, my mother and father, we’re 100 percent Indian.’ Ask my other grandma, we got Cherokee in us, European and Italian, a little Dominican. It’s crazy. Y’all looking at me funny like, ‘N*gga, I’m African. You’re not though. 80 percent of slaves was already here, was natives.

Sway: 80. Where you get that number from?

Waka: Sh* I just check the books.

Sway: Which book?

Waka: I got a whole laptop full of this sh*t. Just from me reading. It’s not a solid book, like ‘Hey only a thousand slaves came here.’ Nah n*gga you gotta read. You have to literally read. I’m so deep into it I don’t think about a slave ship. I think about what was a slave ship called? Jesus. What the f*ck was the slave ship called that Christopher Columbus was on?

Oh yes, there was plenty more struggle.

When one of the hosts asked about his identity, Waka said this.

Waka: “I’m other. I’m uneducated. So for me to sit here like a college professor, I’m wrong. I’m uneducated. I’m confused. But I’m damn sure not Black. You not going to call me Black. My grandmother is not Crayola. I’m connected to a tribe. I’m from a tribe, not a country. It’s a big difference. Different laws, different everything. Big difference.”

It’s clear that in the midst of this, someone, likely from Waka’s team taps Sway and probably told him to change the subject because homeboy was f*cking up.

But Waka circled back, “I don’t want to make n*ggas feel like I’m on some other sh*t because I’m saying I don’t want to connect with African Americans like I’m saying f*ck Black. It’s nothing like that. It’s that my eyelids is up. And when your eyelids is up, you read about everything you put in your mouth, you say out your mouth, you walk, you talk and conversate with. I don’t live for money everyday no more. I live for the truth.”

Someone, please send Waka Flock one of those DNA heritage tests before he confuses himself any further.

No shots.