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Advance shout out to people out here defending the indefensible. A carload of white girl cheerleaders were caught joyously chanting “F*ck N*ggers” on Instagram.

The Salt Lake City Tribune reports that the out of pocket Beckys in questions are juniors and seniors at Weber High School per Weber School District spokesman Lane Findlay.

The intially private clip began making the social media rounds on Monday night (Oct. 16) when fellow students with a conscious began sharing it publicly.

The roughly 10-second video was shared widely on social media platforms. In it, the five girls are heard taking turns saying “F— n——” and laughing into the camera.

Findlay said it appears the girls were saying “serggin cuff” — that phrase was also posted as a caption for the video on Instagram — and then edited the video to play backwards, producing the offensive language. One of the participating students posted the video on a private account, Findlay said, which was seen by other students, who made the video public on various social media platforms.

Findlay said the potential consequences range from simple counseling to removal from the cheerleading team and expulsion from school. 

“All of those things would be on the table,” Findlay said. “Obviously they knew what they were doing. It‘s just completely inappropriate.”

An updated statement from the district released to the public Tuesday afternoon emphasized that the students had made a mistake, but would be held accountable. The district also asked for patience as its probe continues. 

By the way, forward or backward there was no difference in the intent.

Considering this went down in Utah, we’re not holding out breath that this clique of bozos will get proper justice.

That said, share the clip so everyone knows what a racist teen looks like.

Photo: Instagram