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Hazel-E’s love life continue to define “struggle” but does continue to keep her in the Hip-Hop news cycle. For all the wrong reasons.

The latest controversial chapter in her love life comes courtesy of her current boo Rose Burgandy who was “outed” by comedian Jess Hilarious who claimed that Burgandy cheated on Hazel with another man.

Naturally, the couple went on the offensive as anyone denying such allegations would, but their responses got really offensive when they posted some extremely homophobic posts and colorism-laced comments on Instagram.

Hazel-E continued to use some homophobic words to also fend off anyone coming for her and her man. This included the usage of “monkey looking dark butts.”

A simple “that’s a lie” would’ve sufficed in such a situation, but when someone goes overboard with their denial it sometimes gives people the impression that they’re trying extremely hard to hide something. Just saying.

Peep the apropos slander below and on the following pages.

Photo – Twitter

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