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Congratulations, you purchased your iPhone X, now we just hope you copped that extended warranty and a really good case for your $1000 investment. If you haven’t you better be very careful because iPhone X screen repair will cost you a lot of money as well.

Now, how much you ask? Well if you happen to stumble out of the club and “accidentally” drop your phone and break the glass, iPhone X screen repair will cost you $279.

iphone x screen repair

You will not only scream when you drop your beautiful phone, but you will also scream when you swipe your bank card to pay for the repairs. iPhone X screen repair is a huge increase in price compared to the iPhone 6’s $129 and the iPhone 8’s $169.

Now, why is there such a big increase? You can chalk that up to the iPhone X using a OLED panels on the front of the phone for the first time ever. Samsung is the only company the makes the screens and so Apple has to go to them for them. The screens are very expensive and also very limited.

The glass isn’t the only thing you have to worry about on your new iPhone X. Let’s just say you “accidentally” damage your phone and it falls into the out-of-warranty zone, it’s going cost you $549.

Well damn.

Compared to the iPhone 8’s $349 and 8 Plus $399 that is also pretty steep but it makes sense since it’s much more sophisticated technology.

So if you are one of those people that are prone to “accidentally” dropping their iPhone’s you definitely should purchase AppleCare+. The extended warranty for the X also sees a slight increase at $199 compared to the 8’s ($129) and 8 Plus ($149) but it is totally worth it. The service fees remain the same though, you will only pay $29 for screen repair and $99 for any other repair.

Don’t be shocked if you see quite a few folks walking around with cracked screens for awhile cause based off these prices you know why.

Better get that AppleCare+.

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