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Looks like Samsung Galaxy phone owners will have a new argument to hold over the head of iPhone loyalists. According to the Wall Street Journal, Samsung is poised to make $110 dollars for every iPhone X that Apple sells.

How is this possible you ask?

Well, Samsung users have always made the very valid argument that Apple always bit off the of their phone, taking the features but just made them cooler with a dorkier name. To many, the iPhone X is a Galaxy phone with the signature Apple logo slapped on it, truth be told.

Iphone X

iPhone X

The X which Apple regards as its most advanced phone yet will feature an OLED display, NAND flash, and DRAM chips. Apple is going to need these parts in bulk if they want to meet the upcoming demand for their new phone and Samsung, as a manufacturing entity is the only company that makes the parts.

Samsung Galaxy Note 8

Samsung Galaxy Note 8

Well, well, well.

So even if Apple outsells Samsung in the cellphone wars and they more than likely will, Samsung is looking to earn $4 billion dollars off Apple’s tip. WIth rumors swirling of a possible iPhone X shortage due to their facial recognition feature, this news is kind of hilarious.

So keep this in mind Apple purist when you break the bank for your new X, you’re in essence putting money in Samsung’s pocket.

Steve Jobs might be rolling in his grave.

Photos: Apple/Samsung