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Since dropping back onto the Hip-Hop scene, the Harlem rapper known as Mase has been making major steps towards his return. His latest possible move comes in the form of his former boss that he referred to as Puff Daddy as Mase could be linking back up to make a deal with Bad Boy once again.

In a brief interview with, Mase was cited as saying that he was in New York City waiting to make a deal go through.

“After I talk to Puff, I’ll be back to see you,” stated Mase.

Mase has continued to shout out Diddy at the beginning of his songs using his old phrase of “I thought I told you that 10 years from now we’ll still be on top. I thought I told you that we won’t stop.” He added that Diddy was right with his prophecy.

Fans that know their music history were aware of the days when Puffy and Mase were running the rap game dressed in their tin foil jump suits starting back in 1996. When Biggie Smalls passed, Mase was seen as the man that would fill the void and was the premier artist of the Bad Boy label.

After releasing Double Up in 1999, Mase would suddenly part ways with the label and pursue a higher calling from God.

Maybe his work as a pastor can be attributed to Mase’s positive attitude as of late as he has taken time out to end past discrepancies and dead major beefs that he had in the past. He linked back up with his former group member Cam’Ron of which he was part of the rap camp known as Children of the Corn. The two released the song “Get It” on July 10 and have been rumored to have more recordings waiting to go out.

He also deaded his issues with Jim Jones through a phone interview where Jones apologized for any issues that they may have had in the past.

Musically he has been making his rounds by jumping on major remixes such as Drake’s “Best I Ever Had” and Trey Songz’ “I Need A Girl.” On the solo tip he has released the tracks “Thinkin About You” and most recently, “Shut the City Down.”

This will serve as the second comeback for the rapper since his 2004 album Welcome Back.