Lil Mo is finally introduced along with her hubby and we feel bad that her son is old enough to tell his mom about what the blogs say about their marriage. Yikes.

Self is going to have his hands full with Dream Doll and Mariahlynn; that’s a fact. But at least they seem to be getting along well so far. At some random Gwinnin photo shoot, the two kick back and have a little girl talk about Mariah’s boo (?) James R., who, yes, is still referring to himself in third person and sounding like he and Cisco came up in the same house.

She swears that the fiasco at her single release party pretty much took James out the game. “After all the shenanigans… I’m wondering if I really know him the way I think I know him?” No, girl! You’ve known him for five damn minutes. Also. Why are these conversations always had at a photo shoot for pictures we’ll never see? We digress.


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