Enter Sophia Body. The former video vixen is working on her (ahem) “DJ/producer career” but agreed to be a part of the video as a favor to James. James, still in his bag, tells Sophia that he wouldn’t necessarily call Mariah his lady. Licking his lips and all. He says that the Gwinnin signee doesn’t meet his “standards as a man.” Whatever, kid.

Poor Sophie. She mentions this to Mariahlynn when she pops up on them at the video shoot later. In the confessional, James says, “Aw Sophia… Why did you have to go and say that?” No James. Why did you say that?

Security isn’t quick enough and Mariah pops Sophia. Good stuff. Welp. At least she knows where she stands with James now. Without question.

Navarro succeeds in getting the two women in his life to have a sitdown. Thankfully, Rich gave some sound advice for once. It’s crazy though. Anais is definitely a flirt but Navarro is always egging her on too. “Up there looking like a champagne bottle…” he said once, then said something about popping the cork. See? SMH. But it got too real.


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