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Google’s Pixel 2 was well received by critics who finally got their hands on Google’s latest smartphone. Unfortunately the same cannot be said for their wireless headphones, the Pixel Buds.

Looks like Google missed with these ones.

The reviews are pouring in about Google’s wireless headphones and it’s nothing but bad news for the tech company and their latest innovation.

Pixel Buds

The Pixel Buds were billed as the answer to Apple’s AirPods and boast some pretty amazing features that had folks pretty optimistic. The Pixel Buds promised amazing sound quality, easy pairing, amazing one-touch controls, instant access to Google Assistant, ability to check messages without looking and instant charging.

Sounded promising right?

Well, critics seem to love the direction Google was going in their wireless headphones but conclude Google misses the mark with them. The complaints about them focus on the earbuds complicated pairing procedure with other devices, sound quality, noise-canceling ability and touch sensitivity and charging them inside the case among other things.

But there are some features they all seem to uniformly like, the Google Translate feature, how they earbuds and Google Assistant work seamlessly together and the earbuds nylon strap. It wasn’t enough to give the Google’s earbuds a good grade though.

Check out some of the reviews for the Pixel Buds below.

David Pierce of on Google’s Pixel Buds:

“It could all be more seamless” basically tells the whole story of the Pixel Buds. I like the sound, I like the feel, I even like the way they look. I’m all in on the idea of ear-puters taking over the world, and I enjoy basically having a Google Home with me at all times. But I can’t stand the rigamarole required to use them. And that should be the easy part.

Sean O’Kane from The Verge had this to say on Google’s Bluetooth headphones:

The Pixel Buds tease some really fantastic ideas that I hope Google will someday deliver on. But this is a first-generation product in the bad kind of way, and it looks even worse when you compare it to Apple’s growing success with the AirPods. Futuristic features are only worthwhile if they are paired with something you enjoy using right now. The Pixel Buds only get half that equation right.

Sam MakoVech of ArsTechnica didn’t really have anything good to say about Google’s Pixel Buds:

“Wait for the second generation” is common practice for any nitpicky nerd, but in the Buds’ case, we have to wonder whether we’ll have to wait for a third generation pair of earbuds. This one just doesn’t feel like it was tested enough in the real world, and playing catch-up to the above complaints may still result in a product that feels first-gen.

Well, there you have it, will the reviews deter you from taking a chance on the Pixel Buds? If not you can head over to Google and purchase a pair for $159.

Or you can do like one of the reviews suggested and wait. The choice is yours.

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