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Tyrese Gibson just might be inviting the struggle his life has become, and this latest action seemingly confirms it. The R&B singer and actor had cops visit his home after a staged video of him with a bound and gagged man on his couch hit the Web, but it was all part of an elaborate and perhaps ill-timed joke.

TMZ reports:

Police beelined it for Tyrese’s home early Monday morning after he posted a video showing a man tied up in his underwear, looking distressed in Tyrese’s home … as Tyrese eats ramen.

The video — posted at 3 AM — shows the man bound and gagged and it looks like he’s being held hostage. The man on the couch is comedian Michael Blackson … whose own vid, infamously mocking Tyrese’s breakdown, went viral a couple weeks ago.

LAPD got a flurry of calls after Tyrese posted his vid of Michael bound and gagged — people felt he had finally lost it, and kidnapped Blackson out of revenge … now that he has 50/50 custody of Shayla.

As it stands, Black Ty is going to continue to be extra on Instagram and the world will be watching. No word yet if he’s gotten off those depression meds yet either.