Juju meets up with Bianca next, hoping to remind her of her priorities. Everyone seems to want to help B but she’s too turnt to realize she’s standing in her own way. In truth though, she knows who to turn up in front of and this conversation with Juju is all positive. Until it’s not. She reveals that she recently set up her own contractual deal with Sony and she also speaks on a rumor she’d heard: that someone told Yandy that she was popping off behind her “big sister’s” back. Juju takes the info back to Yandy, because, why not? And Jonathan says matter-of-factly that he’s the one spreading the rumor. Like Bianca won’t try and smack his face off.

Bianca’s final meetup was all Juju’s idea. Her plan was to get everyone involved, on the same page. But as soon as Jonathan admitted to running back and telling Yandy that he’d heard Bianca was talking about her, the whole sitdown was for naught. “You’re a grown man!,” Bianca shouted. Truth though.

Then, as security holds her back; “I got gay best friends that’ll f*cking beat you up!” Hilarity. Girl, stop this.

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