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A number of Victoria’s Secret models prepping for the womenswear line’s fashion show backstage were singing along with Cardi Bs “Bodak Yellow” hit on video. In the clip, Black Twitter took notice of the models allegedly rapping the “n-word” used in the track and naturally came through with the vicious clap backs.

Twitter account Pop Crave tweeted the video to its timeline early Wednesday morning (Nov. 29) with several users taking note of the use of the n-word while making quick work of recognizing some of them were not Black or women of color. With “Bodak Yellow” literally shifting Cardi B’s stardom to extreme heights, it isn’t a shock that non-Black fans would get into the track.

However, as we learned with Kanye West’s “Gold Digger,” if you’re not Black, don’t use the word and it’s always been that simple. Seems like the ladies of Victoria’s Secret forgot that little memo.

We’ve collected the best responses from Black Twitter regarding Victoria’s Secret models rapping Cardi B’s “Bodak Yellow.”

Photo: screen cap

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