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Last week Post Malone made the culture groan when he ignorantly claimed that Hip-Hop music lacked content, substance, and overall soul. Naturally social media went hamburger and immediately began schooling Bizzaro Shia LaBeouf about the music that’s made him a success in life.

Now Peter Rosenberg has decided to add his two cents to the matter and took to his IG account to air out the “White Iverson” rapper saying “Post Malone, I’m done giving you passes bro. You got a pass for braids, which is not common. You got a pass for the n-word thing that happened on Snapchat.”

After pointing out that all of Malone’s tattoos are of white rock stars who have no affiliation to Hip-Hop, Rosenberg gave him a choice saying “So, either leave hip-hop and go make music in another genre, or start showing respect for hip-hop.”

But it didn’t stop there. When Rosenberg took to the airwaves yesterday he continued his critique of the “White Iverson” rapper.

Check out the video below and let us know whether Post Malone should join Kid Rock out in the country or should he be forgiven for his transgressions.

Photo: Instagram