Sen. John McCain has held a precarious space in the hearts and minds of American voters, and that was further illustrated when the Arizona lawmaker made a call out on Twitter to hit a 3 million follower mark. In response to the tweet and perhaps backlash for his support of the highly criticized tax bill from the GOP, thousands began unfollowing Sen. McCain along with throwing some jabs along the way.

“We’re only 74 Twitter followers away from 3M – spread the word & help us reach this big milestone!” McCain account tweeted on Monday (Dec. 4), which may have been penned by a staffer. Almost immediately, the commentary and slander came in droves and hasn’t let up since.

“Sorry, just unfollowed. You betrayed your country and everything it stands for with your vote on tax reform. You know this should have never passed the Senate,” wrote one user in response.

Another followed with, “Senator, with all due respect for your past service, I have to unfollow you. Your recent vote has demonstrated that you no longer care for regular order & will even remove safety nets for our enlisted troops & families. You even support a child molester. We are not all rich, John.”

Comments related to those above have continued as such for the war veteran and longtime senator with no end in sight. We’ve collected a few below and on the following pages.


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