Yandy breaks off her business relationship with Bianca which is sort of awkward to watch because honestly both women have a few points. Bianca ends up dissolving into frustrated sobs, one of only a few authentic [seeming] moments in the franchise’s history but you know someone is going to end up throwing it in the poor girl’s face on the reunion. “They just don’t understand,” she cries. “I don’t get no money. I don’t have no money. Every dime I get goes to bills or school. I bust my ass and I just wanna be great.”

But that attitude B. Yandy ain’t wrong for telling her what everyone else has tried to previously: She has to get that attitude under control in order to flourish. Harlem upbringing or not. Speaking of Uptown though, Bianca brings up a great point about being held to a double standard. She notes that she’s from the same streets and has the same ra-ra temperment as many of the men Yandy has managed in the past, but she’s being punished for it. Eh. Can’t front, it does seem like Yandy threw her under the bus here, but in the same breath, the Dipset era was a different time, for hip hop and for Yandy who was fresh on the scene at the time, so… Either way, your manager is supposed to make you money and um…

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