Police officers in Columbus, Ohio were caught on tape slamming an 80-year-old woman to the ground.

Due to the shaky and inaudible footage, details and rationale behind her mishandling remain unknown.

The video, which was time stamped on August 1, shows an elderly woman standing in a Wal-Mart parking lot when a police officer arrived and pummeled her to the ground within seconds. Onlookers rushed to her aid as the woman bled from her head on the pavement.

Moments later, another officer rushed to the scene to create space between his partner and the angry crowd of people concerned about the 80-year-old’s safety.

To shed some light on the incident, however, the video blurb read: “This old lady was in the parking lot of Walmart in Whitehall, Ohio swinging a knife at people, when the police arrived she wouldn’t drop the knife so the police officer took her down, the lady also assulted a kid by hitting him which sparked the crowd of people outside anyway, he was with relatives who intervened and that’s when the knife swinging started anyone that tried to help her she began to swing her knife at them threatening them.”

So far, no names have been released and very little is known about the case.

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