As C-Murder’s murder trial continues, a second witness testified Thursday to seeing Master P’s hot headed younger brother kill 16 year old Steven Thomas back in 2002 at a New Orleans nightspot called Platinum Club. C-Murder, born Corey Miller could face life in prison if convicted of the second-degree murder charge and has pleaded not guilty.

Kenneth Jordan told the courts he saw the 16-year-iold being beating for his life by men affiliated with C-Murder who wore “CP3” on their hats, which stands for New Orleans calliope Projects where the Miller Brothers were raised. “He was fighting for his life…When he fought back all of them jumped on him,” said Jordan

Jordan further told the court that he was about 6 feet away watching the incident. “After the fight was over, C-Murder stood over him and shot him. It popped my ears. It made my ears ring. That’s how close I was to the gun.”

HipHopWired will continue following the case as it unfolds. Take a look at our previous coverage of the trial.

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