Diddy has grown from a Harlem born, Mt. Vernon raised kid with big dreams to a rapper, producer and entrepreneur.

After becoming an executive at Uptown Records and a fateful meeting with Christopher “Notorious B.I.G. Wallace”, Diddy has seen his career expand over decades.

In addition to having his own solo rap career, Diddy has played a hand in the rise and fall of a number of artists including those on his “Making The Band” reality show and those who’ve crossed the doors of his Bad Boy Record label.

Additionally the mogul has his Sean John Clothing line and sales from his Ciroc vodka to add to his growing bank account.

After making an estimated $30 million last year alone and with ties to Nicki Minaj and Rick Ross, it’s safe to say that Diddy’s been upgraded from a dancer Diddy Boppin’ at Howard to a multi-million dollar success.

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