Former B2K member Raz B is raising eyebrows now that the singer/dancer has released a freestlye dissing rappers Fabolous and Yung Joc.

The ex-B2ker posted a video on his Twitter account late Wednesday sending shots to both Fabolous and Joc for bringing up his name in their songs.

Speaking to Fab, Raz raps;

“I got a few things to address/Let me talk about this kid named Fabolous / Who got a chipped tooth in his mouth…umm we got a song called Bada Bing Bada Boom Bada/ I think I paid you some money/ You showed up in the video/Now you really wanna talk about me/ Am I that hot you can’t sell records without saying my name?”


The singer rapper also set his sights on Yung Joc for the line in his group Hot Stylz’ popular hit“Looking Boy” where he says the memorable line,

“No Chris, No Chris No!/ Ole Raz B looking boy”

Addressing Joc, Raz B raps;

“Fawk it Yung Joc you wanna say my mothaFawkn name too?/Ask Cocoa Brotha n*gga/Didn’t I just Fawkn see you…” before adding, “Y’all n*ggas don’t want, y’all better watch out. Fablous, Yung Joc say sorry n*gga.”

Check out the video of Raz dissing both of them below.

Raz B ‘s EP Follow My Lead is for sale on iTunes and will hit stores October 26.


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