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Jamal Parris is continuing to speak out against Bishop Eddie Long, this time claiming that he and the Bishop engaged in sexual relations at New Birth Missionary Baptist Church.

As previously reported, Parris, 24 of Cleveland, Ohio, was interviewed by FOX 5 news leaving a local convenience store late Monday night.

The oldest of Bishop Long’s accuser delivered a harrowing message, describing the Pastor as a “monster” and confessing that he continues to smell his cologne and hear his voice in his head.

In part 2 of his interview with the news station Parris says he and the Bishop engaged in sex before and after church services as well as at his Dekalb County home.

“His house. The hotels. His condos. In the church,” Parris said.“In the church, before and after service.”

When asked by FOX 5′s Dale Russell if he received those fateful pictures he responded,

“I received those pictures,” and admitted to sending the Pastor some as well.

Parris says the bishop exchanged pictures as he coached them on building up their bodies, and improving their physical appearance for him.

“The pictures speak for themselves,” said Parris. “A man in his underwear talking. Sending pictures from a bathroom, and it ain’t to his wife. It’s to us. They speak for themselves. You be the judge of that.”

He also described being in the Pastor’s presence as drug-like saying,

“Being around him is almost like a drug…You can’t believe the place you are at in your life and the things you are doing and the cars you are driving, and the people you are meeting. So, it becomes, if I want to continue to feel this love and this power, I’ll do whatever my dad wants me to.”