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Kid Cudi is explaining his ongoing problem with D.C. rapper Wale.

As previously reported Cudi dissed the emcee in an interview with Complex magazine saying that he and Kanye “don’t Fawk with him musically” and called him “wack.”

While Wale has since brushed off the disses, Cudi further explained his animosity towards the rapper in an outtake from that fateful interview.

Cudi tells Complex that a large part of his problem with Wale comes from his negative energy.

According to Cudi, he sensed that Wale was jealous of his success and obviously “feels some type of way” about it.

“I really don’t understand what’s up with this guy, but he’s just somebody I don’t click with anymore. I started making changes in my life and started to realize positive energy around me, and he never really had a good energy.

I never felt like he wanted to see me prosper, it was just one of those n*ggas that was envious rather than happy for a n*gga. I could be reading it wrong, but I’m not making beef and rearranging my life.

It’s pretty obvious he feels some type of way about it. I’m not into peer mediation and working things out, I’m just trying to provide for my daughter and my family and making music for my fans. I vibe with certain people and some people I don’t.”

He also adds that when he, Wale and Drake were named by GQ Magazine as the “Men Of The Year ”in 2009, Wale caused tension on the set with his poor attitude and his diva like behavior.

“The whole time me and him and Drake were doing the GQ shoot, Wale was Beyotching and being aggravated that clothes weren’t in his size, just really not cooperating and being difficult, and just being a diva. The photographer was like, “Wale, c’mon, smile a bit” and he was like, “Man, I don’t smile, let these other guys smile.”

I was like, what kind of Shyte is that? In my head I’m thinking, “man, this is GQ. If these n*ggas want you to smile, smile.” We just got picked for “Men of the Year,” that Shyte is awesome. It’s wack to be on that Shyte when you’re at a photo shoot, he shouldn’t be getting all riled up. There was tension throughout the whole shoot.

Me and Drake have a rapport, we’re cool. We were automatically hitting it off, and kicking it, and Wale was just not trying to be in the situation. He was trying to be too cool. He was acting like he’s too good for the situation, and that’s how he always is. He always acts like he’s bigger than what he is, and I don’t Fawk with that at all.”

Wale has yet to respond to these new statements from Cudi.