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Yet another producer is filing a suit with rapper Lil Wayne for unpaid wages for beats done on The Carter III.

Although currently incarcerated, Weezy will be served a complaint for copyright infringement and a federal court summons before he gets out of prison.

This time, a producer is filing copyright infringement for a beat that another producer has already claimed he wasn’t paid for. Confused?

Atlanta based producer Michael “Mali Boi” Bradford is alleging that he failed to receive royalties payments for his work on Wayne’s single “Mr. Officer.”

Bradford alleges that he originally made the beat five years before it was later reconfigured by producer, Deezle, who was given producer’s credit for the track.

Strangely, Deezle has also filed suit with Wayne for not receiving royalty payments for the same beat.

Cash Money Records has yet to comment on the suit, but agreed to hold on royalty payments received from digital downloads, retail singles and ringtones until the two parties could agree on a solution.

In related news, Rapper Lil Wayne is asking his fans not to send him any more mail for the remainder of his stint at Riker’s Island.

The artists had this message sent out via his Twitter account @liltunechi,

“I can no longer write my fans. As difficult as this maybe to say please stop sending me mail. I luv you and will see you soon.”

As previously reported, Lil Wayne will spend the remainder of his jail sentence in solitary confinement over a previous infraction for contraband.

This is stemming from the Young Money head being caught with an mp3 charger and headphones in May, a violation of Riker’s Island rules.

Weezy F is scheduled to be released form Riker’s Island, November 4.