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A police investigation has revealed that a 46-year-old science teacher in Bronx, New York had inappropriate relations with an underage student.

Wayne Bartley has been under investigation by authorities who believe he groomed the young girl to become his lover since she was 13 and often offered to massage her feet to satisfy a raging foot fetish.

New York police say he had a 14-month fling with the student at Intermediate School 229 and persuaded a different girl, also 13, to send him pictures of her feet and photos of her naked body.

When questioned by police, he reportedly blamed the girls saying,

Students always tend to have crushes on male teachers. Fifth graders, sixth graders, they’re very unstable, they’re very impressionable. Maybe you show them attention because they’re doing well in class and it’s taken the wrong way.”

The police investigation started last spring after a father of one his students complained of him having an inappropriate relationship with his daughter.