LL Cool J Releases Michael Jackson Tribute Song


The legendary “Ladies Love Cool James” is paying his respects to the king of pop. The self proclaimed G.O.A.T. released a tribute to Michael Jackson to be featured on his website, The song is titled “Billie Jean Dream: Written By Michael” and is a cover of the king’s #1 hit. LL raps on the song as though he’s Michael telling his story of becoming a pop icon and ultimately a “boss.”

“Iced out glove on the bentley wheel, look at how I’m spinning, ya boy’s so real. Number 1 in the world; imagine how it feel, to hit up Sony for a billion on a deal. Buy out the Beatles tell Paul to chill, too live to talk y’all read it in my will. Ain’t no question on who’s the boss, so when I give orders I can talk real soft.”

In one line he brings up MJ’s infamous child molestation trial and says:

“The ones in my pocket, no sons on my lap, the king wears a crown not a Santa Clause hat. Peel off some bills tell em’ to fall back. It’s only 20 mill, it’s not all that. Hold my umbrella, give me some support while I dance on the roof of the truck after court. Can’t pull me down, I don’t know what y’all thought. Think what you want but I never got caught.”

In addition to the song LL is launching a Michael Jackson tribute competition for users of The user that presents the best audio or video tribute will win a swag pack and be featured on the site.

In the meantime LL fans can catch him on the spinoff show of the CBS drama, Naval Criminal Investigative Service or NCIS. NCIS: Los Angeles will feature LL playing the role of special agent Sam Hanna, a former NAVY seal that works in the undercover unit of NCIS in L.A.

Listen to “Bille Jean Dream” here: