Waka Flocka Flame is speaking out on the parody of his song “Hard In The Paint” by the Presidential look-alike Baracka Flacka Flame.

Waka spoke with the New York Times about the controversial “Head Of The State” spoof that shows The President and “Michelle Obama” hanging with gang bangers and smoking marijuana and says it’s borderline disrespectful.

“That they used it to be so sarcastic; it was almost a form of disrespect.”

The Times points out however that the rapper shared the video with his Twitter followers; a move he said was only to “let other people see how ignorant other people can be.”

The publication also talked to his mother and manager Debra Antney who says she personally called WorldStarHipHop to have the video removed to no avail.

“That’s not a positive image for us, period, as African-Americans, where we came from, where we’re going today.”

Yes, because Waka Flocka is the complete antithesis to this parody, just the positive image we need.

Oh please…

The star of the video, now identified as comedian James Davis, say he hopes the President will one day get to watch the video if he hasn’t already.

“I don’t know what it takes to get to Obama. If the White House is like other businesses, other offices, he probably knows about it. Maybe it’s on his to-do list: fix the economy, health care, watch this link.”

As previously reported, the video hit the net last week and has sparked controversy for its lyrics and message.

In it Davis and Jefandi Cato, who plays Michelle Obama, are seen in a rough neighborhood with locals, much like Waka Flocka in the original.

In one scene “Oprah Winfrey”, The President’s “muthaFawkin n*gga”, makes an appearance before they all take a break to get ice cream.

Check out Baracka Flacka Flame’s “Hard In The Paint” parody below.

Is it disrespectful?

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