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Harlemite Cam’ron has some choice words for former partner in rhyme Ma$e-yes again.

According to published reports, Killa Cam is so upset about Ma$e not attending Harlem pal and Harlem World member Huddy 6’s funeral, so much so that he not only took to Twitter but also created a diss record aimed at the former Bad Boy.

According to Cam, Ma$e missing Huddy’s funeral was the last straw for their friendship. Via Twitter, he had this to say in response to a fan’s question about Ma$e’s attendance:

h*ll no dat f**kin sucka a** N***a .”

In case the message wasn’t loud and clear, Cam had this to say in his Huddy 6 memorial track.

As previously reported, Cam’ron dropped a song for his fallen friend  “Huddy 6”, but no one knew why he decided to take shots as Ma$e until now.

Where is Betha at, I’m like f–k Mase…When Hud’s car crashed,damn I’m like not again. He invented words like ‘curve’ and ‘poppington.’ What up Tintin aka 6man, you know your family can lean on me like a kickstand.”

Well, it seems as if the Dipset is back to their old selves, just waiting on the Jay Z diss and it will be 2005 all over again-ah the stagnant stage of creativity..don’t you just love it.