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Prop 19 Defeated In California

Those hoping that California would set the legal pot precedent got a buzz kill early this morning.

Proposition 19, the initiative that would have made the golden state the first to legalize weed was rejected by California voters.

If the mandate had passed, the proposition would have legalized possession of an ounce of marijuana for all adults over the age of 21.

At the polls yesterday, the initiative was supported by 44 percent of voters and opposed by 56 percent. This was a wider decision than many had expected but a slim enough margin to give some hemp supporters hope.

High Times West Coast Editor David Bienenstock reported,

“Not this time, but I’m hearing talk about 2012 already. Prop 19 will be an important stepping stone on the way to legalization.”

Even though voters rejected the Prop 19, The LA Times is reporting that several cities around California managed to win approval for plans to tax marijuana.

The tax laws were mostly set in place in consideration that Proposition 19 would pass, so there effect is useless unless pot supporters take another shot at a ballot measure sometime in the future.