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Nicki Minaj is denying reports that she dissed Lil Kim in her latest track “Roman’s Revenge.”

As previously reported, the track features Eminem and in it, the Young Money Barbie spits;

“Look at my show footage all these girls be spazzin, so what the Fawk I look like getting back to a has-been. Yeah I said it, HAS-BEEEN. Hang it up, FLAT SCREEN. PLASMA…

I’m a bad Beyotch…I’m a Douchebag and I’ll kick that hoe…PUNT…You need a job this ain’t cutting it, Nicki Minaj is who you ain’t Fawking wit.”

According to Minaj however, the diss wasn’t aimed at anyone in particular, but to all the female rappers who continue to be jealous of her shine.

No, I’m talking about everyone who has been in interviews talking and I think it’s good for people to hear me respond to [them]….People have said so much about me, So I don’t ever single anyone out because no one is worth being singled out. No one is worth having their name mentioned out of my mouth and they never will get that.

I’ve been quiet for such a long time and I’ve been the nice guy. I’ve been the person that gave everyone their props. I’ve complimented everybody from day one. I think that as a rapper, you can’t be a rapper and not speak on things being said about you. I use my music to say what I have to say.”

Listen to Roman’s Revenge below.

Hmmmm….is she sure she’s not talking about Kim?

We’re not…




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