50 Cent, Akon Featured On Michael Jackson’s Album

Despite the controversy surrounding the new album being put out by the estate of Michael Jackson, producers of the album have tapped Akon and 50 Cent for guest appearances.

On the new album, Michael, 50 Cent and Akon seem to be the only artists asked to be a feature on the album, although a letter was issued by Michael’s attorney stating that production for some of the music will be done by veteran super producer Teddy Riley.

“As the Michael album was being put together, it was decided to bring Teddy Riley on board to work on several songs, including “Breaking News,” a song Michael recorded with Eddie Cascio and James Porte in late 2007 while living at the Cascio family home with his children,” Howard Weitzman, Esq. Attorney for the Estate Of Michael Jackson wrote in a letter. “Riley produced and submitted “Breaking News” to Sony for inclusion on the album.”

As previously reported, the family of Michael Jackson is complaining stating that the vocals on the upcoming album, is not that of Michael Jackson.

To clarify the complaint, Howard Weitzman issues a stamen clarifying the issue:

“The Cascio tracks were also played for two very prominent persons in the music industry who played crucial roles in Michael’s career. Both of these individuals believed that the lead vocals were Michael’s,” Weitzman continued in the letter.

“Just to be absolutely certain, I also contacted Jason Malachi, a young singer who some persons had wrongfully alleged was a “sound-alike” singer that was hired to sing on the Cascio tracks, and I confirmed that he had no involvement with this project whatsoever.”

Michael is due in stores December 14.

Here’s the tracklist:

01. Breaking News

02. Hold My Hand Ft. Akon

03. Hollywood Tonight

04. Keep Your Head Up

05. (I Like) The Way You Love Me

06. Monster Ft. 50 Cent

07. Best Of Joy

08. (I Can’t Make It) Another Day

09. Behind The Mask

10. Much Too Soon


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