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The 400 Club Artist Series With Mannie Fresh

Mannie Fresh checked in with Living The 400 Life and gave some insight on rappers being targeted and offered some advice to his former protege Lil Wayne as well as repeat offender T.I.

Mannie tells Weezy,

“Get on your knees and pray first before anything. I don’t wish harm on nobody…but maybe you was put there as one of God’s lessons and learned you that you can be touched.   Don’t take it for granted, take it as a lesson and build on your career and be a bigger and better man. Do something even bigger and better this time and watch your steps and what you do.”

Mannie also made no secret that’s its no coincidence that his peers are being targeted and that they have to support about their situation.  He warned,

“Hip-Hop rules America right now so you’re a target. It’s a billion dollar business so if you’re controlling kids from different minorities and races…then you’re gonna be a target. You gotta take responsibility for that as well and look at it like this is a business. It’s not a game. This is not like I can come through here and do what I want to do and don’t think it’s gone be no consequences for it. I’m looking at it like for real…ya’ll young Black artists. Ya’ll targets and if ya’ll don’t see it by now, I don’t even know what to say.”

The former Cash Money Millionaire and Big Tymer also had some words for Hard Headed Clifford/ T.I.

“I’m not gone say no names but none of us can keep feeling sorry for you if you keep doing the same thing over and over again. You supposed to learn from your lessons and do better that’s all. I’m human. I could leave this interview right now and get into trouble but I promise you I’m not gone do the same thing over and over again.”

Peep The Interview Below As Mannie Drops More Words Of Wisdom: