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Trick Daddy Speaks On Memoir With NBC

Looks like Jay-Z isn’t the only who wanted to share his story, Miami rap vet Trick Daddy has also released his autobiography, Magic City: Trials of a Native Son, detailing his trials and tribulations in the industry.

In an interview with NBC in Miami, Trick Daddy talks about why he choose to link up with Peter Bailey to co-author the memoir and why it’s about more than just music.

“I am not only a fan of music, but I am also a fan of literature,” Trick Daddy said. “I read some of Peter’s articles and liked how he didn’t paint the city as down trodden and without hope. I knew he was the one to get because he understood that there was more to Miami than just ghettos.”

Trick Daddy states that the book isn’t just his recollection about Miami, he also talked to locals including Pastors, teachers and his family.

“I let him talk to a lot of my friends and family,” Trick Daddy continued. “I got like 30 brothers and sisters so it was important for him to talk to everyone because I really wanted people to get and see what Miami is really is.”

Trick Daddy also let fans know that he is working on his new album, II and plans to release it soon. Magic City: Trials of a Native Son is in stores now.

Peep Trick’s interview about his new book along with co-author Peter Bailey:

The Miami street poet also spoke exclusively  to HipHopWired about the project.   Trick revealed,

“Nothing I ever say whether in music or DVD or whatever will ever get any one indicted or open any closed caskets or fu&^ up no appeals but this book is definitely gonna be a best seller and show Miami in a whole ‘nother light. “Cocaine Cowboys” was a good movie but it never showed the people who actually went out and sold the drugs.

Ni**as who toted and shot the guns. Parents who got addicted to the drugs and the babies born addicted to the drugs. They don’t show and tell that part in these other documentaries and my book does all that and it also sets up a movie to follow behind that as well as a part 2 and 3 to follow.”

Trick Daddy Speaks On “Cocaine Cowboys”

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