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While his brother Pusha T continues running with Kanye and his G.O.O.D.  Music family, Malice of The Clipse is moving forward with plans to release a book.

Malice has been posting videos on his MadeMyLifeChange blog with excerpts from his upcoming tome complete with Bible verses and messages he hopes will impact today’s youth.

Speaking on plans for his book and blog, ½ of the Clipse writes,

“ was started when long time friend Shomi Patwary and I had a discussion on how jaded we had become with our contribution to hip-hop. We decided to tap into other avenues and take a different approach, exploring a more spiritual and thought provoking aspect.

I’m proud of this page because like I said in Blog # 1 it’s geared towards the youth (25 and younger). But even if you’re 40 still acting like you’re 25 may you be inspired as well. I want to let the youth know that it’s okay to be unique and original. While it’s so very easy to conform to our surroundings, I’m going to suggest you boldly make your mark.”

Malice’s book is entitled ‘Wretched, Pitiful, Poor, Blind and Naked,’ and is said to give a behind the scenes look into The Clipse’ life.

Check out the latest excerpt from Malice’s book below.


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