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Lets face it, even in 2010 (and yes, even if you live in Atlanta), seeing a man dressed up as a woman takes some getting used to.

Yet, in film using the cross-dressing gimmick almost seems cliché, especially among Black actors.

Most of the roles are comical and warm hearted in nature.

However, that still doesn’t stop the debate as to whether or not all these cross-dressing characters (many portrayed by strong Black actors) contribute to the perceived “emasculation” of the Black man in America.

Tyler Perry’s Madea is the latest he/she role to cause conservative grumbles, but many a Black actor has earned his stripes by dressing up in polka dots.

Hate it or love it, here are 15 TV and film roles involving Black actors who swapped their button down for a blouse.

Is it just a part of the job, or a fail for black Hollywood?


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