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Funkmaster Flex Speaks On Tupac Rant

Hot 97 personality and DJ Funkmaster Flex recently came under harsh criticism after video footage surfaced of him dissing 2Pac.

In the 30 second footage, you see flex on stage telling fans to “get off 2Pac’s package” and that he is “tired of people riding 2Pac’s package” and “overlooking” the talent of the Notorious B.I.G.

After being criticized by 2Pac fans, Flex decided to clear up any misunderstandings on his radio show last night.

On his show, Flex states that the rant caught on camera wasn’t random nor was his words meant to be a diss, but he was just speaking how he felt.

“Let me clear this up, I respect 2Pac,” Funkmaster Flex said. “But I also feel like he brought a lot of negativity to the game with his beefs and disses when he was alive.”

Flex also made it clear that his feelings were not jaded because of where he resides coast wise.

“It is no secret that a lot of people he dissed was from New York, but for me that’s not what it was about,” Flex continued. “But I was also dissed, so I am not going to sit here and play like I think he was the best to me when he wasn’t”

With all that said, we still remember Flex being quiet as a mouse a few years back when Suge Knight visited Hot 97.  I guess it’s safe to speak now…LOL

Check out the video and response below: