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California emcee Lil B is taking back a controversial statement back he made on Twitter, where the ‘Based God’ emcee said he would rape Kanye West.

As previously reported, a number of his followers on the social networking site were outraged when he tweeted,

If Kanye Doesn’t Acknowledge Me Over Twitter And Work With Me On Music, When i see him im going to Fawk him in the a** – Lil B”


Now according to B, he spoke too soon and in an interview with VIBE he says that he forgot that Ye previously showed him love and he “respects him and his artistic ability.”

“What’s funny is that before I made that comment, I forgot that he posted one of my videos on his blog. God bless Kanye. He posted “Swag OD,” the song I did with Soulja Boy. I just forgot about that. Bottom line is I really just want to work with him and do some production for him. No one on earth is doing what I’m doing and time will prevail. I ain’t going to rush nothing. But he knows I respect him and his artistic ability. One day it will happen, he know I got love for him.”

He also adds that in 2011 he hopes to become the ‘Lady Gaga of rap.’

He tells VIBE,

“Think Lady Gaga, the rap version. Rap’s Lady Gaga, Phil Collins, Rick James, rap version of Prince, Canibus, MF Doom, Jay-Z, Michael Jackson, Tupac and Lil Wayne in a pot and mix it around. Smush em all together, stir the pot like soup—Lil B’s here. That’s 2011 and beyond.”

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