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A woman in Oklahoma is taking her protest of the new TSA screenings to another level.

According to a news cast on Oklahoma City’s KFOR, an unidentified woman became so frustrated with the screening process that she showed up to the Will Rogers airport with just her bra and panties.

Film maker John Maringouin was passing through after visiting an inmate for an upcoming film, when he saw the scantily clad woman.

“It was hard not to notice. I was kind of already through security, and I just turned around and saw it,” Maringouin said in the interview. “It didn’t seem like anyone else was paying much attention to it. I thought it was the best thing I’d ever seen in an airport.”

So Maringouin did what any film maker would do, he began to film it.

“How can anyone possibly shrug this off,” he said. “The atmosphere of the TSA and cameras in airports and I just said, ‘Screw all that,’ and I’m going to film this,” Maringouin continued. “People were in a state of somewhat disbelief and I’m not sure if people were just trying to be polite, but there wasn’t a lot of hoopla about it.”

Although the woman’s protest did garner attention, she was denied access to her flight during the initially attempt. A

fter returning in the same “outfit” the next day, she was able to board the plane and left on time.

Wow, who says persistence doesn’t pay off.

Checkout the video: