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Florida police have arrested a 30-year-old man for tying up a woman and burning her with a cigar and other hot items in the face.

According to a report from the Bradenton Police Department, Sean S. Thomas was arrested Friday morning after a woman called to tell them about the crude act.

The woman told officers that on Dec. 1, Thomas questioned her about whether she was seeing other men, then burned her with a cigar, boiling water and a hot iron. She did not report the attack until Thursday.

The female victim was treated by paramedics when the call was made, followed by being transported to the local hospital. Although she has suffered severe burns to her hands, stomach and feet, she has been released and is doing better.

Thomas is being held without bail at the Manatee County Jail on charges of False Imprisonment and Aggravated Battery.

This is not the first conviction Thomas has been charged with, Thomas was in Florida State Prison from December 1999 until November of 2006 for an attempted murder conviction.

So maybe we don’t date the guy who just got out of jail for attempted murder?


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