Queen B Fan Club Debuts Collage Of Nicki Minaj’s Copied Lil Kim Looks [Video]


Followers of Lil Kim are once again lashing out at Nicki Minaj for disrespecting their Queen B.

As previously reported, Kim spoke with Hot 97’s Angie Martinez on her issues with the Young Money rapper.

During the interview Friday, Lil Kim criticized Minaj for seeing her at the Sweet Sixteen for Diddy’s son Justin and dismissing her, rolling her eyes.

“I saw her at my nephew Justin’s Sweet Sixteen…now if you don’t have a problem with me, you don’t be this close to me, roll your eyes and walk right past me.”

She also adds,

“You’re gonna learn that this girl is bi-polar also…that’s something I’ve found out…she’s not as stupid as people think she is…she’s a very contradicting creature.”

Her “Team Queen B” fan club has taken things up a notch now by reposting the interview with Martinez complete with a collage of Nicki’s “copied” Lil Kim looks, from her orange hair to a pink Ferrari.

Check out the Lil Kim/Nicki collage below.