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Diddy Dirty Money’s Last Tran To Paris is chock full of high energy, heavy bass tracks that fans of the Bad Boy Record head can easily love.

The album was originally said to tell the tale of love lost and found played out in a busy train station but that theme seems to have been lost and replaced with a random collection of dance tracks that while catchy, just don’t flow.

There’s “Yeah Yeah You Would” feat. Grace Jones—a Swizz Beatz produced, acoustically soulful track that easily stands out.

Following that Swizzy steps in with the pounding marching band beat for “A** On The Floor” which makes the song—random as it is, memorable.

Another standout track is “Someone To Love Me” which features Diddy individually on an old school sample that saves the track from Diddy who once again lacks lyrical talent and skill.

One of the most notable collaborations on the album is “Shades” with Lil Wayne and Justin Timberlake.

Lil Wayne opens the track awkwardly with a rap that plays out more like a  spoken word gone wrong,

“Before u get here put your panties in your pocketbook that’s what I told her over the Motorola…”

And Timberlake and Dirty Money take over with the catchy “What You Gonna Do” chorus before JT drops bars that dare I say, I prefer over Wayne’s.

Overall Diddy’s lyrics are still poor; “Beyotch you know I’m diddy hoe, real dilly-yo” and the lyrics from Dawn and Kaleena are even worse,

“Imma put it in your face boy as soon as you wake up, know you want me to be your little Slore…Let your tongue walk on this p*ssy.”

But acoustically, the album sounds beautiful.

There are beats to make you dance, a few catchy hooks and the flashy record is riddled with star power; Lil Wayne Usher, Chris Brown, Justin Timberlake, Wiz Khalifa and even Grace Jones.

A number of the tracks will make it to the clubs where high-energy dancers move apace in the night and care more about a pounding beat than literal lyrics .

True Diddy fans will love it and no doubt dance to it but for those that listen to more than just the rhythms, this might be a train you want to miss.