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It seems that 2011 is ringing in right for some people and has put put a ring over the eye’s of others.

According to Twitter, Ras Kass got an engagement ring for the eye by none other than his nemesis The Game.

The Game, who was boasting about the melee via his Twitter states:

“Gave Ras Kass a 2 piece dinner in the club the other night, he went down in the first round like last time. Same soft chin, different clothes.”

Ras Kass who obviously wanted to be the first to break the news tweeted this announcement shortly after midnight on January 1, 2011.

“2011 starts out right! Me and Game has a rumble. Dude waaaay vajayjay! Don’t punch and run. We got pic f**got!”

Now of course based on the tweet we can’t speculate who’s telling the truth, but The Game did come with a cosigner, who tweeted that he saw Ras Kass, “lumped up and talking to the cops.”

Wow. Will there ever be any peace for these two? Check out the hilarious tweets below.


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