Despite the frailty of his appearance in recent months, Fidel Castro has not only resurfaced looking stronger than ever, he also makes a comeback with critiques of Obama’s performance to date.

In Tuesday’s edition of Cuba’s state-run newspaper, “Granma,” Castro warned that the withdraw of U.S. troops from Iraq to fight the Taliban in Afghanistan could prove unsuccessful because the Afghani Taliban “sank the Soviet Union.”

Castro made further claims that he was taken back by President Obama’s rapid decline in popularity polls and blames “traditional [U.S.] racism” for interfering with reform efforts, namely health care reform.

The former Cuban dictator frequently contributes his “reflections” to the state media and often blasts U.S. foreign policy.

In this week’s commentary, Castro touched on his visit with former U.S. presidential candidate Gov. Bill Richardson of New Mexico.

Richardson was initially nominated in the Obama administration as secretary of commerce but ultimately withdrew. The U.S. governor took on a trade mission in the capital city of Cuba this week that was “designed to capitalize on potential agricultural and cultural partnerships between Cuba and New Mexico,” reports CNN.

Although the trade embargo between the U.S. and Cuba has been in effect for close to 50 years, the U.S. Treasury Department allows the cash sale of agricultural, medical and IT products to Cuba.

In 1996, Richardson met with Castro to negotiate the release of three political prisoners in Cuba and is well-known for his diplomatic track record including high-level talks with North Korea, Sudan and Iraq.

The visit comes shortly after Castro’s first video broadcast in 14 months.

In a speech earlier this month, the current Cuban leader and brother of Fidel, Raul Castro, stated made claims that he is willing to establish dialogue with Washington. He added, however, that political and regime change are not up for discussion or negotiation.

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