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Earlier this week Eminem had the Hip-Hop world abuzz when he released the tracklist for his upcoming album Revival. Now, he’s adding fuel to that fire with the release of his latest album cut, “Untouchable.”

Sounding like he’s taking it back to his Slim Shady battle rap days, “Untouchable” serves up something that his hardcore fan base probably didn’t find on his previous release “Walk On Water.” The Hip-Rock mashup sound is somewhat similar to what Limp Bizkit was pumping in the late 90’s with a more social-political message.

Em spits, “It feels like we’re stuck in a time warp to me/as I kick these facts and/get mixed reactions/as this beat backspins/it’s like we’re drifting back in/to the 60’s havin – Black skin is risky cause this keeps happenin’/throughout history African American’s have been treated like sh*t and I admit there have been times where it’s been embarrassin’ to be a (white boy! white boy!).”

Also the use of the Old Glory for the artwork is an interesting choice given today’s political climate. Is Em going full resistance on this album and ready to completely alienate his undercover racist fan base? Looks like it but we guess we’ll have to wait ’til Revival drops on December 15 to know for sure.

Check out the cut below and let us know if this amps you up for Revival or not.