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The Walking Dead is currently one of, if not the most popular television franchises ever. When it comes to the video game realm the popularity hasn’t really followed the zombie franchise there. Today Overkill (Payday series), a Starbreeze studio in partnership with Skybound Entertainment and 505 Games look to fix that trend with ‘Overkill’s The Walking Dead’ game.

You have our attention now Overkill.

Now with the exception of the Telltale Series (which I love), we have not gotten a good Walking Dead game which captures the true essence of the show. Announced today, Overkill’s The Walking Dead will be an FPS (first person shooter) where you can control four playable characters. The game is also a four-player multiplayer co-op so you can enlist friends for some help smashing walkers skulls and some humans along the way. Not only will there be  “in your face action” which the game promises to bring, players will also participate in missions, raids to secure supplies and rescue survivors to help strengthen your base form walkers and the living.

Each character also possesses unique special abilities, skill trees, different squad roles and background stories but share one common goal and that is to survive.

A gorgeous trailer introducing one of the game’s characters Aidan was also revealed, we don’t see any gameplay but we pretty much get a good idea as to what’s going on.  We learn the game takes place in Washington D.C., we see Aidan pre-zombie apocalypse and he is being pressed with the everyday struggles of having to deal with family and work. Things quickly shift as the scene deteriorates and we see D.C. as a mere shadow of its former self as corpses and derelict vehicles line the streets.

Bet Aidan misses those annoying voicemails now.

Armed with a spiked bat (eat your heart out Lucille) and ditching his suit for apocalyptic chic swag Aidan is now a full-fledged zombie apocalypse survivor. We get a sense of how quickly these characters must have had to adapt to their new situations in this new scary world.

For those who still patiently waiting for a new Left 4 Dead game, Overkill’s The Walking Dead sounds like it may be the perfect replacement or placeholder till that day ever arrives. OverKill’s The Walking Dead is slated for a Fall 2018 release, we are looking forward to hearing more about this title. Watch Aidan’s gripping introduction trailer below and to learn more about the game head to their site for more details.

Photos: Starbreeze/Skybound