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Paris Dennard, the former Director of Black Outreach (seriously?) for former President George W. Bush, was a recent guest on CNN and found himself at the center of a furious debate. Facing off against A. Scott Bolden, attorney and former chair of the DC Democratic Party, Dennard found himself in fits trying to explain why he’s in support of President Donald Trump.

Dennard and Bolden were guests on CNN last week with host and anchor Fredricka Whitfield opening the segment to discuss President Trump’s appearance at a new civil rights museum opening in Mississippi. In the discussion, Whitfield asked Dennard to speak about some of the criticism endured by the former business mogul in light of his decision to attend the opening amid much outcry and offered mounds of praise for the president in the process.

Scoffing at Dennard’s complimentary stance surrounding Trump, Bolden essentially asked how could Dennard stand in support of Trump given his record on questionable statements as it relates to Black people.

Dennard, angered at what he felt was Bolden attacking his Blackness, roared back saying, “Scott, I really wish you would hold your tongue because you will not offend my race, my family and my culture and insinuating that my blackness is in question because I support this president.”

Watch the intense exchange below.

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