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We can’t front, one thing this Trump Administration does very well (besides divide people) is put out lies constantly. Former Trump Administration employee, Omarosa Manigault Newman is currently on a book tour with no book in sight claiming April Ryan doesn’t know what she’s talking about in a Good Morning America interview.

Ryan, on the other hand, says otherwise and claims White House officials texted her “Mission Accomplished” after she was thrown out the White House like the trash, reportedly.

The jokes continue to write themselves during the Trump Presidency.

Ryan reports that  Manigault is basically out here in these streets just trying to save face by saying she resigned, but Ryan insists she was fired. She reports she received text messages like “Mission Accomplished” and we assume others in celebration of Manigault’s dismissal.  Ryan points out that well known fiery figure went into a rage after she was told her services were no longer needed and was escorted out of the building by White House Chief of Staff, John Kelly and was “shouting profanities” on her way out.

Oh, we are laughing.

Here are Ryan’s exact words on the Omarosa situation:

“Gen. Kelly was upset with a multiplicity of things,” Ryan explained. “It was not just one thing, I am told. When I got the word this morning, my text messages were flying at me left and right this morning as I woke up and one high-ranking Republican who text messaged me said that he got word from somebody in the White House who said, ‘Mission accomplished!’”

It was no secret the Omarosa was not well liked either, Ryan also reports that Kelly wasn’t the only person who wanted Omarosa gone. Ryan also states, “She did not have warm feelings with everyone there.”

Well, at least Omarosa can say she is the first person ever to work in The White House to be fired twice by the same person. Now when will Uncle Ben be following her?  Watch Ryan break down the epic incident below.

Photo: Cindy Ord/Getty Images for Women’s Media Center