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The Internets are polarized when it comes to whether or not Black Ink Crew’s Sky should have approved the filming of the reunion with her two sons. Ever since they were mentioned a few seasons ago, she’s has been battling with the decision of finally meeting them as young men after giving them up for adoption when they were little boys.

Either way people may have felt about the cameras being there, this episode was enough to make the toughest Twitter troll shed a tear. From Sky meeting the woman who raised her kids to the heartbreaking conversations with her sons (one positive, the other, not as), this was a heart-wrenching turn for the Black Ink franchise.

Before we get too heavy, let’s touch on the 113th location and their shenanigans. Ceasar hears the results of his STD test from last week and finds out that he’s contracted a UTI, which is absolutely hilarious. How is it that you don’t realize something’s going on with your urethra until you hit the doctor’s office? We digress.

He’s decided to make a change in his life: detoxing with cucumber water, going vegan and making amends with the mother of his now-teenage daughter. We’re all about making changes for the better but we’ll see how long he can keep this up.


Photo: VH1

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