She wanted to see all the pictures from their upbringing. She wanted to know their favorite foods and snacks. She wanted to sit in their seats at the dinner table. Sky was the happiest we’ve ever seen her on this show. Genuinely ecstatic. Then when her youngest son came home from football practice, her heart just seemed to burst with affection. “I’m in love! He loves me,” she said, almost in disbelief that after all this time, after everything she thinks she did wrong, this little man still loves her. Called her “Mom” and everything.

The older son, Genesis, is a different story. It’s crazy how the two young men have completely different reactions to reuniting with their birth mother but both responses are equally reminiscent of Sky. The elder child had finally answered after several attempts to get the two together. Sky met with him at a restaurant. She poured her heart out, pleading for him to understand that what she had was new money and when Black Ink began she was still working at Macy’s. He sat silent, but clearly grew more and more upset. He’d begun to tear up but it was as if he didn’t know what to do with that type of emotion, so he (did what we could see his mom doing after having watched her for six seasons) got irate. The more she talked the angrier he appeared until he finally jumped up, banging the table. Security pounced and he legit tossed three grown men, even after one tried putting him in a headlock. The kid might be 145 lbs soaking wet and he sprung into action until security had to team up and physically put him out of the spot with Sky screaming for them not to touch her son, all the while.

According to the adoptive mom, Genesis’ father had been getting into his ear for some months at that point. So he was likely the connect in creating the video interview at Dutchess’ shop. The kid has anger issues, which is understandable, because his mom does too, it’s just sad that she had to see them firsthand in a moment that was to be full of love.

Check in next week as we get into what else the Black Ink crew has going on.

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