Later, Rubin checks Anais about all of her recent excursions and things get heated. “Why everytime I come home, you never home?,” he asks, catching her before she steps out again. What is the problem? I only see the nanny. Did I marry the nanny or did I marry you?” We understand that. Anais says that he does the same thing, going to work all the time and she and the kids rarely see him. Which, um, isn’t exactly the same, but we hear you girl. Rubin says, “What do you want me to do? You want me to stop working so I can be next to you all the time?” Hilarious. But this is where Anais snaps a little bit. “Are you my provider? My husband? My father? You don’t take care of me as a man!,” she shouts, in their lovely New Jersey driveway. “Anybody can give me dick and money! I told you I need more than just dick and money!” Here’s where the lightbulb goes off in Rubin’s head and he asks if there’s someone else. She teases the probability. He demands her keys and that she stay in the house tonight. She laughs in his face. He threatens to file for divorce and she leaves.

She drops in on Navarro and Rich’s guys’ night and pulls Rich to the side to ask how serious he is about “having her back.” Honestly, what would that mean in this scenario. Rich is in too deep. She tells him that Rubin is going to file for a divorce and dumbfounded Rich says, “Well you were gonna ask him for a divorce, right? So what’s the problem?” She says that although he’s said that he would support her, he hasn’t said anything to make her “feel like [she’s] gonna be okay.” Girl, you have a man at the house ready to provide and you’re running around with Richie D, asking him to commit? Okay.

“There’s not much we can do with you being married. You told me you were done,” he responds. “I got your back moving forward. You’ll be fine.” But at her meet and greet later on, he’s getting a number from a waitress right when Jonathan is scolding Anais for jumping into this “situationship” before ending her marriage. “That’s his past,” she says. Oh. And Rubin walks in. Juicy.

Okay. Here’s the thing. You gotta hear both sides. Anais has a point: ol’ boy knew he was marrying a spicy, uber-passionate woman, years his junior. There are certain things that some of these ladies require and she’s not wrong for asking for romance. Not at all. But also, she sounds super ungrateful to a man that goes out and works long hours so she can have a nanny and other things. She says that it’s about letting her kids see that she’s not willing to sit back and let Daddy provide for her when she had dreams of popstar-dom before they even met. But… You are out doing dirt with Rich too, so there’s that. You’re not at an open mic every night. You ain’t slick.

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